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Decorations in the Chinese Style by Keith Hill

robert's Mietke 600 3x4.jpg

Chinoiserie in the French Manner

Chinoiserie in the 18th century French manner on a German harpsichord after M. Mietke

Magnum Opus side.jpg

Chinese Decoration

This decoration is technically not really Chinoiserie. This is decoration in the Chinese Style. The distinction is that Chinoiserie is an 17th or 18th century European interpretation of decoration in the Chinese Style. This is my own interpretation of decoration in the Chinese style.


Italian Style Chinese Decoration

This decoration was inspired by the decoration found on the outer cases of a set of instruments including a Cristofori Gravicembalo col Forte e Piano and a Cristofori Gravicembalo (Harpsichord)

Frederici Clavichord.jpg

German Style Chinese Decoration

The Frederici Clavichord is a late 18th century German design. The German style of decorating in the Chinese style was actually usually done in imitation of Italian or French Chinoiseries.

Robert's Taskin 4x6 100.jpg

Chinoiserie in the French Style

This is a French Harpsichord decorated in the 18th century French style inspired by decorations on Chinese furniture imported from China at that time.